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Markets on 06/30/2015

As I’m sure you know, the Greek debt crisis has created uncertainty in the financial world.  As a consequence the stock markets around the world were down yesterday.  Greece is a relatively inconsequential economy in the world but the one thing the financial markets dislike more than bad news is uncertainty.  I believe this is an opportunity to buy but not go whole hog.  It could go lower.  But I believe it will be relatively short lived.  As always if you hav

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George's view on the recent market volatility

Just an update on my view of recent market gyrations: I’ve been expecting a market dip for several weeks largely because it often has a summer slump. I do not expect it to decline more than 10% or so mainly because corporate profits continue to grow, though at a slightly slower rate. I do not believe the market is too high. In fact, looking at the price per earnings ratios, it is below historic averages given the low rate of inflation. As always, these are my opinions and are certainl

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